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The ABACUSSPIELE company was established in 1989; it is located in Dreieich near Frankfurt. Since then, a committed team of staff members in the family-run business has been working on new game ideas throughout time with great passion, with the focus being on easily accessible and clever family games and card games.

Chief executive Joe Nikisch describes his greatest concern: „We want to bring the entire family together at the game table. Playing games is not only for children – it is a collective experience that everybody should take part in.“
ABACUSSPIELE applies the highest quality standards when it comes to production. Therefore, the games are almost exclusively produced in Germany. Only rarely are plastic parts used for game materials; instead, high-quality wooden components and cardboard from sustainable production are employed.

Among the numerous awards, the „Game of the Year 2007“ prize for the game Zooloretto stands out as the greatest success the company has had up to then. Products by the company have attracted more and more attention, also internationally; and so, some games have meanwhile been published in more than ten different language versions. In 2013, the company continued its success story with the extraordinary game Hanabi. ABACUSSPIELE celebrated having published the first card game to win the „Game of the Year“ award, which is in keeping with the motto: „Small games, BIG impact!“