NMBR 9 – Educational Game of the year 2017

Our tile-laying game NMBR 9 is the „Educational Game of the year 2017“, which is voted by the visitors of the Stuttgarter toy fair.

During the fair, the visitors had the chance to test the twelve games, which were nominated by the familie&co- editors for „game of the month“. The visitors must evaluate the games in issues of gameplay, learning effects and visual effects. The game project leader Kerstin Heim confirmed: “At the end, NMBR 9 has established itself against very strong competition in an exciting final.”

The game-reviewer are keen on NMBR 9. “NMBR 9 breaks with the conventions and goes its own way”, said Daniel Krause (Brettspiel News). The game is quick “constructed”, quick explained and basically everybody can start playing right away. But to master the game you need a good spatial imagination and also fine motor skills. With this, the game brings levels with it that a computer game can´t convey. Melanie Pausch, Reich der Spiele, thinks, that NMBR 9 is a simple game, where it is hard to get your own maximal score. Despite the easy rules the game arise a big competition: the idea, that the puzzle parts look like their appropriated numeric value “makes the game absolute recommendable for all sorts of players, casual gamers also as frequent players. The only thing to say: „Have fun doing the puzzle!”