Zooloretto Würfelspiel (dice game)

  • No. of Players: 2-4
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Age: 7+
  • Author: Michael Schacht
  • Designer: Design/Main
  • 10 dice
  • 1 double sided game board
  • 1 score pad
  • 1 pencil
  • rules german

Now dice are rolling in the zoo! Each player is the director of a small zoo and tries to fill his enclosures with animals. If a player succeeds, he can look forward to bonus points at the end of the game. But if the enclosures are fully occupied, leftover animals have to go into the stall – and they produce minus points.

Zooloretto dice game is roaring dice-rolling fun for the entire family.

14,99 €

14,99 €

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