RftG 3rd expansion – war

  • No. of Players: 1-5(6)
  • Duration: 60 min
  • Age: 12+
  • Author: Tom Lehmann
  • Designer: Martin Hoffmann und Claus Stephan
  • 54 playing cards
  • 5 goals
  • 1 "search"-board
  • 1 prestige tile
  • 30 prestige chips
  • 11 display tiles
  • 1 victory point chip
  • 2 modification tiles
  • rules german, english

Now that the conflict is spreading, galactic prestige is more important than ever in order to get concessions and to fend off attackers. Meanwhile, the world from where the aliens began their exodus has been discovered and the guardians of genetic manipulation have turned up. Will you manage to develop the most prosperous and powerful civilisation in this galaxy on the brink of war?

AUF DER SCHWELLE ZUM KRIEG is the third expansion of the best-selling card game RACE FOR THE GALAXY. It can only be played with the basic game.

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