Pick A Dilly

  • No. of Players: 3-7
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Age: 7+
  • Author: Kommerell, Hartmut
  • Designer: Christof Tisch
  • 8 chicken boards
  • 7 feeding discs
  • 1 summary
  • 42 eggs
  • rules german, english, french, italian

The chickens in the chicken yard cackle and flutter, pushing to get fed. Oh dear – in this situation, you easily lose track. Each hen wants the best food, so she can produce the most eggs. Only the player who is best at bluffing will have the most eggs in the end and win the game.
The simple rules provide plenty of possibilities for brazen bluffs. But since several players have the same idea sometimes, the game often ends with an unfortunate “self-defeating” move and with broad laughter!

Pick a Dilly is a brisk game for in-between and is particularly suited for families.

13,99 €

13,99 €

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