• No. of Players: 3-7
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Age: 7+
  • Author: Nikolay Pegasov
  • Designer: Ilya Komarov and Fiore GmbH
  • 58 playing cards
  • rules german, english

Welcome to the Ice Age, on your search for sabre-toothed tigers, mammoths, and dinosaurs.
In MammuZ, cheating is allowed – and is probably the only way to win. All players try to get rid of their cards as quickly as possible. A mouse might be passed off as a mammoth; and dinosaurs, considered extinct for a long time, cause a lot of chaos. You can cheat to your heart‘s content – just don‘t get caught!

MammuZ is quick card playing fun for many players.

7,99 €

7,99 €

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